Ralf Rangnick hopes fans will continue to support the team

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Manchester United boss Ralf Rangnick hopes fans will continue to support the team against Norwich City on Saturday despite protests. Reports by UFABET

         Supporters gathered to protest the Glazers in front of Carrington on Friday. which before the game at Old Trafford will continue to protest today, urging supporters not to enter the stadium until 3:17pm local time or wait for the game for 17 minutes, meaning 17 years. The Glazer family took over the club in 2005.

         United are working hard to secure a top-four finish, with Rangnick insisting the players have work to do and hope the supporters will support the team to victory.

         “I don’t know what they are thinking. But I heard they were going to be late for 17 minutes for 17 years,” Rangnick said. “Even if they did that after 17 minutes, hopefully they will still support the team and support us.”

         “But how much they can do depends on what we show on the pitch. So it’s a game of giving and taking. We cannot expect them to support us, it doesn’t matter what happens on the pitch.”

         “I don’t think until now we will deal with it. (playing against a negative background) The support from the fans was immense. It doesn’t matter if it’s a game at home or away from home. So far we have never had a situation where they change their mood with the team.

         “I get it, it’s a game of passion and emotion. Whenever we go on the field, whether at home or outside. They received love and passion. But it’s up to us that they care. The staff are also attentive. And the players care and try to do their best and try to win the game.”