Easy Pokdeng for beginer

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Easy Pokdeng for beginer I must say here that Pokdeng Method to get that profit it’s not easy. But it’s not difficult at all. But it must rely on the skills and expertise of the players and as you all know that Pok Deng, also known as Pok Kao, is a gambling card game by UFABET That very popular in Thailand. Its main goal is to have a hand with a ones digit that can beat the dealer’s, whilst accounting for the pairs, three of a kinds, and flushes. It has excellent playing patterns and can accommodate two to 17 players including the dealer.

How to Play Pok Deng in Thailand

The first step of playing Pok Deng is by placing the bets. If you plan to gamble real money, make sure to do it discreetly or better yet avoid it all cost

When all the bets are placed, the dealer will shuffle the card and will deal two cards to each player, with the dealer being the last. Players can choose to stand or draw one more card. Afterward, the dealer will have to compare their hands against some of the players. The dealer may draw an additional card before comparing the hands against the other players.

Setting Up 

As mentioned, Pok Deng can accommodate a wide range of players from two to 17. However, the ideal number of players should be three to nine only. Before beginning a game, the players should choose the dealer. They can nominate the dealer to remain for the rest of the game or they can agree to switch as the game progresses.

Do note that each game is fast and short, lasting only a couple of seconds. Players must be ready to place their bets in the form of chips, candies, drinks, or cash. The game is always against the dealer and not against the other players. The dealer can choose to deal the card either clockwise or counterclockwise but each player must get two face-down cards, with the remaining cards being the draw pile.

Playing the Game

The play follows the order the cards were given. If the dealer gave out cards counterclockwise, the game will proceed in counter-clockwise order. Each player will have their own turn, in which they can choose to draw an additional card or not. Players who choose to draw must only get one card on top of the draw pile, allowing them to have three cards at one time.

Should the player’s starting hand has a taem made up of eight or nine, the player has a pok. The player must then announce it and show the cards face-up. Since this is already considered a good hand, the player is not allowed to draw an additional card.

On the event that the dealer has a pok, the cards are also turned face-up and compared against the player’s hands. Should the dealer fail to secure a pok hand, he can choose select players to reveal their cards and compare before drawing an additional card and comparing it with the rest of the players.