Jurgen Klopp has explained why Mohamed Salah was a substitute

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has explained why Mohamed Salah was a substitute in the 3-3 UEFA Champions League draw with Benfica in midweek. Reports By UFABET

         The Egypt international star has been weaker lately, scoring just one goal in the last 11 games for club and country. Plus from the penalty spot in the game against Brighton, the latest game in the second leg of the quarter-final of the UEFA Champions League, Klopp let him be a substitute only before being sent into the second half.

         From the German boss came out to talk about the reason Salah was only a substitute in the latest game because the players have been fighting continuously and wanting the players to take some breaths.

         “The reason Mo didn’t start is very simple, we played against City but then hopefully we have 12 more games,” said Klopp. It won’t start in this game.”

         “Nothing at all It’s just a necessity. Mo played 120 minutes in January and February, six games, so now we just keep a close eye on him and say who cares?”

         “He clearly hated it. People may think what I do all day. But think about them when they are absolutely necessary. I think this game proved to be a 100 per cent right decision to change seven players.”

         “I just hope the boys can continue to play at the highest level possible. That’s what we try to do.”

         Liverpool will face Manchester City in the FA semi-finals. Cup this Saturday at Wembley