How does diabetes happen?

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Usually, the occurrence of diabetes  is associated with a hormone that is made from the liver, the hormone insulin. Whereas this hormone will carry glucose from the blood into various cells. Within organs throughout the body such as the brain, liver, kidneys, heart. So that the cells can use glucose as energy to work. But if the process of creating the hormone insulin is abnormal. The liver makes less insulin than it should. Or some abnormalities that make the cells unable to use glucose. Although the liver produces hormones at normal levels. Also known as insulin resistant cells when both abnormalities occur. It will cause a large amount of sugar in the blood. Causing that abnormality to occur and eventually become diabetes.

However, although we know how diabetes occurs. What processes in the body are abnormal? But the exact cause has not yet been identified. But studies have shown that it is a rather complex process caused by both genetics and lifestyle UFABET

What are the symptoms of diabetes?

The main symptoms that convey that a person Those who are at risk of developing diabetes may include feeling frequently hungry, thirsty, and urinating large amounts and often. In addition, there are other symptoms as well, such as

  • tired
  • Dry skin, itchy skin
  • dry eyes
  • Numbness in the feet or tingling pain in the toes or feet
  • The body was unusually thin. without being able to find the cause
  • When wounds occur in different areas The body often recovers more slowly than usual. Especially the wounds that occur on the feet.
  • Blurred vision for no apparent reason