Ten Hag will stay if he leads Manchester United to the FA Cup.

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Ten Hag will stay if he leads Manchester United to the FA Cup.

  • Garry Neville thinks Erik ten Hag will stay if Manchester United win the FA Cup.
  • This coach has an uncertain future.
  • The owner of the “Red Devils” wants a new manager to take control of the team.

Garry Neville, former right back of Manchester United, a giant club in the English Premier League, has expressed his opinion ufabet https://ufabet999.app that Dutch coach Erik ten Hag will continue to be in charge of the “Red Devils”. In the next season, if the team is successful in winning the FA Cup this year.

 Neville who currently plays the role the country’s leading sports media. That “My view is If he wins the FA Cup and his performance in winning the Carabao Cup last season. To fire a manager who had won two trophies in his first two seasons at the club, I think, would be too serious.”

“Those trophies. cannot be overlooked. If you have the potential to lead your team to a championship. And you get through things. I don’t think you can take that for granted. There is a good chance that they (INEOS) will fire Ten Hag from his position.”

 “They wiped out everything in the club. But if Ten Hag wins the championship, And the second champion. It is difficult for him to release.”

 Currently, Manchester United is ranked seventh in the Premier League standings, 16 points behind the fourth-place team, Aston Villa , and the FA Cup is the only competition left to hope for this season.